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As our client, you will have a team of highly qualified professionals working for you to provide you with the best coverage for you, your family, or your business.  Building a long-lasting relationship with our clients is our number one priority.

Julia Moore, Insurance Agent

Julia Moore


As little girl, I knew the profound impact of feeling secure and financially safe. Bouncing between a split household, my sister and I had to grow up fast. Even though I have always been acutely aware of how fragile our financial situation was, my childhood was filled with many wonderful memories. However, the questions were always there. What if we had a fire? What if mom lost her job? What if, what if, what if…..?

On my 16th birthday, my grandfather helped my mom buy me the old red Honda with a sun roof that I had been eyeing, and I passed my driver’s test that day! I knew I had to take care of this car because if it broke, I would have to handle it myself. To my dismay, six months later, a lady in a parking lot smashed into my car, totaling my little red Honda. I was crushed -I remember asking, “How am I going to get another car? What if I can’t get my money back? What is a deductible and why do I have to pay when it’s not my fault?” My insurance company answered my panicked questions and set me at ease. The lessons learned in that long-ago car accident was the foundation to how insurance would impact my life.

Fast forward ten years, and I opened the J Moore Insurance Agency, where I get the privilege of helping to answer your “what if” questions and setting you at ease. We hope you never have to experience a loss, but if you do we are here to make sure you are protected. And like my insurance company did for me with my little red Honda, we will help you navigate a claim in a smart, simple, and safe way!

I also am passionate about the delicate, yet headstrong, little people who are making their way into the world. It is my agency mission to focus our corporate sponsorships on helping to make families and children feel loved, safe, and secure. Our contributions benefit wonderful groups such as Love Holds Life, Friends of Karen, and Food Bank of Westchester. If you have suggestions of other causes that you think we need to know about, please share them with us.

Yours Truly,

Julia Moore